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Are you interested in obtaining aerial images captured using a drone in Italy?

If you’re seeking information on the utilization of drones in Italy, you’ve come to the right place!

Established in 2014, Overfly.me stands as the forefront company in the realm of aerial drone operations in Italy.

With a comprehensive understanding of the drone industry, we aim to illuminate the possibilities of independent endeavors and emphasize the indispensable role of a reliable partner in Italy through this page.

let our Josh explain everything about drone aerial activities in Italy


Let’s start with the basics.

First and foremost, it is crucial to be aware that, in Italy, as well as throughout the rest of Europe, a new set of regulations concerning drone usage has been in effect since January 2021. The primary objective of these regulations is to standardize the rules governing both “consumer” and “professional” drones across the skies of the continent.

This regulatory framework, mandated by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), is implemented by the aviation authorities of individual European countries. In Italy, the regulatory oversight falls under the jurisdiction of the National Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC) and the National Air Traffic Assistance Agency (ENAV). Together, they legislate and regulate air traffic, encompassing both manned and unmanned aircraft.

The fundamental regulations for operating a drone in Italy (as in any other European country)

The regulations established by EASA, governing the use of drones, are comprehensive and should serve as the fundamental framework for mandatory considerations for anyone operating a drone.

Four key points from this document can be highlighted, stipulating that:

  1. The drone must be affixed with a plate on its frame, specifically a QR Code issued by the Italian aviation authority or the country of origin.

  2. The drone pilot must be “licensed” for the specific type of drone they are operating and for the intended flying scenario.

  3. The drone should never fly over crowds of people, maintaining a proper distance from individuals, buildings, etc.

  4. The drone must adhere to the flight limits and restrictions outlined by ENAC through official maps.

Prioritizing safe flying is the primary principle to be upheld before launching a drone.

Full compliance with these regulations ensures assurance that aerial activities do not pose risks to people and property. Additionally, it safeguards the pilot from stringent administrative and legal penalties, which are rigorously enforced in Italy concerning airspace safety.

The Italian aviation authorities embody excellence recognized globally.

“I want to fly over Venice, and maybe in Rome, in front of the Colosseum. 

How should I proceed?”

Rome: On April 23 2022, police seized this drone from an Argentinian tourist who had been operating it illegally.

We have now reached the core of the issue, specifically addressing point No. 4 from the previous list. This poses challenges for aerial filming enthusiasts, TV crews, and videomakers who harbor the dream of capturing the beauty of Italy from above using a drone.

Think of the Colosseum, the Arena in Verona, or the heart of Florence.

For those not particularly skilled in drone operation, lacking a comprehensive understanding of Italian authorization procedures, and struggling with limited proficiency in the Italian language, legally flying over such iconic areas becomes nearly impossible.

The EASA regulation mandates drone pilots to register their devices, affix appropriate tags, and familiarize themselves with the regulations (albeit in somewhat superficial terms) to ensure compliant flight operations.

However, it falls short in guiding operators on interfacing with individual national authorities to navigate airspace restrictions and limitations on the use of UAV.

Each European country varies, and it is the responsibility of the pilot to inquire about local limitations set by national authorities and adhere to them.

The EASA regulation mandates drone pilots to register their devices, affix appropriate tags, and familiarize themselves with the regulations (albeit at a somewhat superficial level) to ensure compliant flight operations.

However, the regulation does not address—nor is it within its purview—how to interact with individual national authorities to navigate airspace restrictions and limitations on the use of Specific Activity Risk Patterns (SAPRs). Understanding that each European country is unique, it is incumbent upon the pilot to investigate and comply with the local limitations activated by national authorities.

Italy, for instance, is characterized by the extensive presence of small airports, helipads, and airfields, inherently rendering their airspace off-limits to drones. Moreover, there are active prohibitions on flying over cities of art, archaeological sites, natural parks, and, more broadly, any elements that contribute to Italy being celebrated as the most beautiful country in the world. Concretely, a ban is in place on flying over any area of national interest.

What does this imply?

It signifies that, in approximately 8 out of 10 cases, a foreign citizen aspiring to use a drone in an Italian city of art or a national park will likely face challenges. Realistically, they may not secure the necessary flight authorizations within a reasonable timeframe, as these are typically accessible only to specialized companies.

Is it overly challenging for a foreign citizen to obtain flight authorizations from the Italian aviation authorities?

The procedures for requesting flight authorizations are demanding for Italian companies specializing in drone usage. For non-specialists, predominantly foreigners, the process becomes even more intricate.

The issuance of authorizations for drone flights in Italy lacks a streamlined computerized procedure. It entails dealing with multiple offices and officials, who frequently request specific documents and statements.

Furthermore, Italian law enforcement agencies and aviation authorities mandate the use of certified e-mails, a standard less prevalent outside Italy. Requests for drone flight authorizations are divided between regional and central offices, with some handled in Rome. Ultimately, the granted flight authorizations from ENAC and ENAV must be forwarded to the Prefectures in the area of the flight, involving additional officials and offices.

So, a foreigner cannot fly drones in Italy? 

Of course, they can!  But without additional authorizations they will only fly far from urban centers, cities of art or other types of sensitive areas. 

Provided, of course, that he wants to respect the law! 

Hundreds of videos produced during unauthorized flights can be found on YouTube, but you only have to do a few searches on Google to find out how, on a daily basis, Italian law enforcement agencies stop and sanction drone pilots engaged in unauthorized flights with fines of tens of thousands of euros. 

This, however, is another matter…

What can Overfly.me do for those who need to produce aerial images with a drone, in Italy?

Since 2014, our company has been carrying out aerial activities with drones for clients from all over the world. CBS, Warner Bros, BBC, RTL, NHK, TV Tokyo, as well as dozens of production companies and foreign film makers choose us for our historical presence on the market, and our professionalism.

Aerial shooting with drones in Italy? 

Iif you come from abroad, it is worthwhile to relying on Overfly.me, because:

Transport and logistics
Our teams of true professionals are present across the whole national territory: also for activities involving high-end drones less present on the territory (i.e., from the DJI Inspire 2), you will not pay in any case travel expenses for our professionals and our equipment (TBC islands).

Transporting LiPo batteries (the ones that power drones) by plane is prohibited, except for very small batteries;  shipping them by insured courier can be very expensive.


We know how to apply for and obtain flight authorizations in complex scenarios.

Since 2014, we have been dealing with aviation and other institutional entities on a daily basis. It’s our business, as much as flying itself. Where flying is not possible (or not possible in time) we will offer our experience to try to meet your needs. We are your partner in Italy!


Pro pilots and camera operators
We are specialized in the use of drones, and the production of aerial images is our daily purpose. 

We offer highly professional services, providing our experience and our drones at the best market conditions. 


Pay after
For 90% of our services, no down payment is required (except for authorisation costs). You pay ‘after’, i.e., on delivery of the masters. 


Call us now! 

+39 379 250 1000

Overfly.me offers professional aerial filming service thoughout Italy, operated by PRO with years of experience in aerial filming. All our pilots are qualified to fly drones with the highest possible rating, according to the EASA / ENAC regulations in force.

Overfly.me can apply for and obtain authorization to fly, even in airspace that is forbidden to the vast majority of pilots. 

For services that are not strictly cinematographic, we use DJI drones to guarantee shooting standards and dynamics known to producers and filmmakers coming to Italu from all over the world. 

Each Overfly.me team guarantees the client back-up drones, plenty of batteries and everything necessary for a smooth and quality filming service. All over Italy.

We do not rent “drone only”.




Firstly, we need to know everything about your project. Whether it’s a corporate video or TV production, a better understanding of your needs allows us to estimate the right service for you.

We schedule dates for filming. Up to 7 days from the activity you can cancel the service without any restrictions or penalties.




Suring the shooting days, we will be an aerial instrument in the hands of the director or performers of an already planned shooting list. We like to be an active part in the creation of aerial images: we provide our know-how, respecting the roles on the set. Our job is our passion.




After filming, you can decide whether to download the footage on-site or whether to download it from the cloud. Unless otherwise agreed, the material at the maximum native resolution will be made available in the account balance.

Mavic Mini 3 or similar

Weighing in at 250 grams, it can also fly over people without them knowing. It is the ideal drone if you cannot perimeter – and therefore restrict access to – the areas you intend to fly over, i.e. in the classic Italian urban scenario

drone service pro in Italy

DJI Mavic 3 CINE or similar

Exceptional video quality in a drone weighing only 899 grams, that can shoot in Pro Res. Drones of this size must maintain a distance of 50 meters from people not involved in filming. 

mavic 3 pro - operatore droni autorizzato enac

DJI Inspire 3 

For high-end requirements, this professional equipment needs no introduction. Overfly.me is authorized by ENAC to use this drone in urban settings, such as a production set, for example.

EASA “Specific Operations” authorized

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