Sardinia aerial shooting: 5 natural wonders fitting for your drone videos

An island rich in wild environments, high desertic dunes, and some of the most beautiful beaches in Italy, Sardinia offers breathtaking scenarios either inland or by the water. Discover its beauty by making aerial shooting to get your best movie ever.

As widely well known, Sardinia is a place where wildlife, vast lands, and natural beauties coexist creating a paradisiac world. A haven of peace, the island stores some of the most stunning beaches in Italy and, likewise, hosts one of the deepest canyons in Europe. Considering the presence of old villages, archeological sites, and a rooted culture too, this is an immemorable place that captivates whoever comes by. Here are five destinations for your Sardinia aerial shooting that will make your filming unforgettable.

San Teodoro lagoon: pink flamingoes

San Teodoro lagoon is a small body of water that stretches within the San Teodoro borders and part of the Tavolara Punta Coda Cavallo, a Marine Protected area on the Island. This wild and protected area is the habitat for different species of water birds such as herons, cormorants, kingfishers, royal gulls, and, finally, the symbol of this place: the flamingoes. The Natural Reserve has also a variegated environment that swarms of flowers, Mediterranean flora, and autochthonous plants. Probably, one of the best scenarios to make aerial shooting in Sardinia and to get quality drone videos.

San Teodoro lagoon

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Su Mannau Cave

Close to the village of Fluminimaggiore rises a Karst conformation that originated during the Cambrian period. With over 540 million years, the Su Mannau Cave stretches for over 8 kilometers, with the highest height of 1.53 meters. This underground complex is characterized by two main sections which are still under constant mutation for the underground action protracted by two streams: Placido and Rapido. Inside this cave, you can immortalize stalagmites, stalactites, wide rooms with concretions, huge columns, aragonite crystals, and hidden lakes. A subworld that values its shooting either inside or outside.

The Green Coast – Costa Verde

This is one of the best destinations to see in Sardinia. Costa Verde is located on the South-West of the island and stores historical and geological phenomena in its landscape. For over 45 kilometers, towering cliffs, promontories, gold beaches, and high dunes cover the ground to stupefy visitors. With lush vegetation and green area, Costa Verde is a place to explore and, overall, to take with you all your life. Especially in Piscina, a desert-like environment where high dunes reaching 100 meters too create an extraordinary show. And surely, there’s no better way to capture it than by making drone footage, that is, by making your Sardinia aerial shooting.

Gorropu Gorge: Sardinia aerial shooting in its largest Canyon

Located a few kilometers from the Orosei Gulf, the Gorropu Gorge is one of the deepest canyons in Europe, and probably, one of the most beautiful area for hiking and have access to panoramic and top views of Sardinia. Reachable through the Dorgali-Arbatax road, also known as the SS125m, this road allows you to enjoy majestic landscapes and stunning panoramas of the mountains. Surely one of the best places to make overhead footage and relate on a professional Sardinia drone service.

cave, sardinia, canyon

Caribbean beaches or just Sardinia

Sardinia is worldwide known for its beaches and crystal clear waters. From Alghero to San Teodoro, and from Olbia to Cagliari, there is a sea environment that sometimes appears to be as stunning as the famous playas of the Caribbeans. Take your time to relax and find the best place around the Island to make your filming and get the best drone aerial videos for your project.

Sardinia aerial shooting: what you need to know

Italy allows you to make videos with drones over specific areas, but before, you must possess all the permissions and requirements needed. First of all, to use a drone in a historical or an archaeological site, it is peremptory to ask for permission to fly over that delimitated zone. Meanwhile, if you do not have a valid ENAC certificate, you will find yourself unable to make drone videos. Indeed, drones are allowed only if their owners have a patent issued by this international institution which also applies to other countries of the European Union.

In other words, to create your stunning cinematic drone video in Sardinia, you would better consider turning to a drone operator who:

  • Is Italian,
  • Has the competencies and the experience to do the job,
  • Knows well Italy and the Sardinia,
  • Possesses all the authorizations required by the European Union,

This will allow you to rely on a professional and experienced partner that will take care of all these bureaucrats and intermediaries.

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Italy is full of places to be, and its cultural, historical, and artistic heritage dominates every city’s scene. This is why we want to take you around the whole Peninsula and let you enjoy other Italian wonders too, such as Campania and Trentino Alto Adige. Take your chance and let’s find together the best solution for your drone shootings.