Drone footage in Milan: aerial shooting and quality filmmaking

Milan is a cosmopolitan city that is well renowned for its innovation and modernism. But for the history of its ducky and its endless fame throughout the time too. That is why it lends itself well as a memorable stage for video shooting, drawing filmmakers all over the world. Here are some of the most beautiful places to make drone footage in Milan

Italy, although its dimensions, is a country that detains the wider artistic and cultural heritage in the whole world. According to UNESCO, 58 sites out of 1154 that have been recognized worldwide, similarly, more than 165 nations, are only in the European peninsula. And so it is also for the city of Milan, located on the northern side of Lombardy, not far from the Swiss border, and hugged by the Central Alps. But which are those attractions that make it suitable for a movie set or drone footage? Here are some places.

Milan’s vertical garden drone footage

An engineering masterpiece become a symbol of the city as fast as it was built up, the Milan’s vertical garden represents the willingness of the city to find solutions to pollution and the lack of green areas all around. Following the example of other great cities such as Singapore, Milan pushed itself forward trying to find a new way to intend the city. This skyscraper is totally covered by plants and flowers with efficient solar panels and state-of-the-art technologies to be eco-sustainable. For your green documentary or reportage, choose this place to make drone footage in Milan.

The cathedral of Milan: Duomo Santa Maria Nascente

Probably the most renowned attraction of Milan, the Duomo is a mix of architectonic styles that began in the XIV century and ended in the last century. Its wide square is taken as a scenographic spot to take pictures and make aerial footage and drone shooting. A sensational place not to miss in a cinematic journey in the city.

Terrazza della Triennale: best panoramic view in Milan

A crazy place to make drone footage is the Terrazza della Triennale. From this panoramic terrace, you can have a top view over the city and enjoy the wonderful scenery. This is a renowned place where you can have lunch or a break too during your cinematic journey. Therefore, it can have a double function allowing you to make some of the best video shootings in the city.

How to make drone aerial footage in Milan

Italy allows you to make videos with drones over specific areas, but before, you must possess all the permissions and requirements needed. First of all, to use a drone in a historical or an archaeological site, it is peremptory to ask for permission to fly over that delimitated zone. Meanwhile, if you do have not a valid ENAC certificate, you will find yourself unable to make drone videos. Indeed, drones are allowed only if their owners have a patent issued by this international institution which also applies to other countries of the European Union.

In other words, to create your stunning cinematic drone video in Milan, you would better consider turning to a drone operator who:

  • Is Italian,
  • Has the competencies and the experience to make the job,
  • Knows well the city of Milan,
  • Possesses all the authorizations required by the European Union,

In this way, you will have the chance to rely on a professional and experienced partner that will take care of all these bureaucrats and intermediaries.

Duomo di Milano, Milan Cathedral drone shooting

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Italy is full of places to be, and its cultural, historical, and artistic heritage dominates the scene in every single city. This is why we want to take you around the whole Peninsula and let you enjoy other cities too, such as Verona and Venice. Take your chance and let’s find together the best solution for your drone shootings.