How to make stunning drone cinematic shooting in Catania

The Sicilian city is one of the best locations to explore the Italian island. Rich in history and traditions, Catania is full of castles, ancient cathedrals, and archeological sites. But that’s not all, come and enjoy your filming journey with us. Here is how to make drone cinematic shooting in Catania

Italy has plenty of historical and cultural heritage sites such as Naples, Verona, and Palermo. Every city on the peninsula is characterized by centuries of history which, thanks to that, gave birth to one of the most wonderful countries on the planet. The southern island of Sicily is no exception and has an amazing background that spreads from Messina to Marsala. Among the cities not to miss here, Catania is surely one of the most peculiar. Let’s see together why is that so and how to make drone cinematic shooting in Catania.

Why choose Catania for your documentary or film

Catania has must-see attractions all around the city and is close to other wonderful places such as Acireale, Siracusa, Taormina, and Etna. The city lies on the mid-eastern shore of Sicily and has a direct view of Etna’s active volcano. But the heart here is in the main square: Piazza del Duomo. In the middle of the square rises the Elephant’s Fountain where is carved in black lava a giant elephant and at the top of it is an Egyptian obelisk.

The main attractions in Catania are:

  • Sant’Agata Cathedral,
  • Etnea Street,
  • Villa Bellini,
  • The Benedictine Monastery,
  • The Roman Theatre,
  • Ursino Castle,

These sites around the city allow you to fully experience Catania, wandering around and exploring its archeological and cultural heritage.

As for many other Italian cities, also Catania offers stunning views over its ancient sites, coastlines, and traditional architectonic buildings. Aerial footage and drone videos allow you to really experience the best of the Sicilian city. It can offer you indeed the chance to have the best panorama ever even over the erupting Etna volcano, a sensational journey to be recorded and saved in your mind for a lifetime.

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How to make stunning drone aerial footage and films in Catania

Italy allows you to make videos with drones over specific areas, but before, you must possess all the permissions and requirements needed. First of all, to use a drone in a historical or an archaeological site, it is peremptory to ask for permission to fly over that delimitated zone. Meanwhile, if you do have not a valid ENAC certificate, you will find yourself unable to make drone videos. Indeed, drones are allowed only if their owners have a patent issued by this international institution which also applies to other countries of the European Union.

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In other words, to create your stunning cinematic drone video in Catania, you would better consider turning to a drone operator who:

  • Is Italian,
  • Has the competencies and the experience to make the job,
  • Knows well Catania,
  • Possesses all the authorizations required by the European Union,

In this way, you will have the chance to rely on a professional and experienced partner that will take care of all these bureaucrats and intermediaries. offers all the dedicated services you need to obtain the best from your experience in Palermo. Then, what are you waiting for? Contact us and get your aerial footage of Catania to make your drone cinematic journey in Sicilian city.

Italy is full of places to be, and its cultural, historical, and artistic heritage dominates the scene in every single city. This is why we want to take you around the whole Peninsula and let you enjoy other cities too, such as Venice and Naples. Take your chance and let’s find together the best solution for your drone shootings.