Calabria drone service: all you need to know to start your video project

Calabria is a magic place located at the bottom of the Italian boot. National Parks, crystal clear waters, and old villages give birth to a stunning scenario to explore. And makes it one of the best destinations for filming, without the crowd of touristic locations

Calabria is an Italian region bathed by the Tyrrhenian and the Ionic sea. At the end of the Peninsula, it is a destination full of unexpected beauties. Indeed, as well as having some of the most scenic beaches in Italy, it hosts beautiful mountains, lush vegetation, National Parks, and lost villages pearched into rocky sides. Thus, either you’re looking for a wild scenario or a Caribbean seaside, this is then the place to be. And to make your film production, there’s no better way than a professional Calabria drone service.

Tropea peninsula

A pearl on the Thyrreanian shore and a wonderful seaside destination, Tropea is a beauty in Calabria. The turqoise and crystal clear waters, golden beaches, and lush vegetation give unforgettable moments and an amazing landscape to discover. Whether you want to make overhead footage or drone videos, the magic scenario it’s gonna pull you into a wonderful land rarely you can see somewhere else. Take your time and enjoy the Tropea Peninsula to get your best movie project.

Calabria drone service

Capo Rizzuto island

Located on the Ionic shore of Calabria, there is no better place than Capo Rizzuto island and its majestic Aragonese castle to bring about your film. Surrounded by light blue and turqoise sea water, this is an enchanting place that seems unreal. It gives its best with aerial shooting and overhead drone footage. Indeed, with drone high views you can see all the hundred shades of colours that appears in this picturesque painting. And only you can find the best way to capture it.

Capo Rizzuto Island, Calabria Drone Service

Calabria National Parks drone service

Although being a little-visited region in Italy, Calabria has a wide range of Protected Areas and National Parks. Only here, there are three Natural Reserves buzzing with forests, local fauna, and old villages located in the mountains.

Sila National Park

With over 150 thousand hectares of forests, mountains, and wilderness, this is home of wolves and selvatic fauna. Sila National Park is a Calabria’s lung and in it you can feel that quiet and ancient atmosphere that only a few places still have now. Morever, over here you can find plenty of characteristic villages, some abandoned too, where you can explore and immortalize rare beauties.

Pollino National Park

Stretching between Basilicata and Calabria, this is the northern National Park in Calabria, that is the Pollino National Park. Known in Italy to be one of the largest protected areas of the Peninsula, the Natural Reserve is characterized by stunning top views, panoramic scenarios, and extraordinary landscapes.

Pollino National Park Calabria
Pollino National Park, Orsomarso, Calabria drone service

Aspromonte National Park

At the very bottom of the Italian boot rises the Aspromonte National Park. Located around the area of the Southern Appennines of Calabria, this zone is rich in mountains and meadows. A well kept Reserve that gives astonishing panoramas perfect for your drone video shooting. Particularly with views of the sea, mountains, and inner land landscapes.


This ancient village draws its uniqueness from its history, but also from its singular position. Pearched into a rocky side of a mountain, this place was abandoned for a long time. In the last years, though, people is getting back to live here, and local business spread out again. Pentedattilo today stores years of history and is one of the most mysterious small towns in all Calabria. In medieval age it was an important dominium which controlled the routes for the Aspromonte. Today it is an open air stage for filming and create stunning drone videos.

Arcomagno beach

Probably among the most renowned beaches in Calabria, Arcomagno beach owes its fame to its rocky conformations that in a specific point create a huge natural arch. Here every word has no power because there are no words to explain such a beauty. Use this special environment to get unique content and make your filming a real masterpiece.

Calabria drone service

Italy allows you to make videos with drones over specific areas, but before, you must possess all the permissions and requirements needed. First of all, to use a drone in a historical or an archaeological site, it is peremptory to ask for permission to fly over that delimitated zone. Meanwhile, if you do not have a valid ENAC certificate, you will find yourself unable to make drone videos. Indeed, drones are allowed only if their owners have a patent issued by this international institution which also applies to other countries of the European Union.

In other words, to create your stunning cinematic drone video in Calabria, you would better consider turning to a drone operator who:

  • Is Italian,
  • Has the competencies and the experience to do the job,
  • Knows well Italy and Calabria,
  • Possesses all the authorizations required by the European Union,

This will allow you to rely on a professional and experienced partner that will take care of all these bureaucrats and intermediaries.

drone service, Arcomagno beach, Calabria offers all the dedicated services you need to obtain the best from your experience. Then, what are you waiting for? Contact us and get the best quality drone videos in Calabria to make your dream cinematic journey in Italy.

Italy is full of places to be, and its cultural, historical, and artistic heritage dominates every city’s scene. This is why we want to take you around the whole Peninsula and let you enjoy other Italian wonders too, such as Sicily and Emilia Romagna. Take your chance and let’s find together the best solution for your drone shootings.